Due to REST-based protocols, microservice architectures are inherently horizontally scalable. That might be why the microservice architectural style is getting more and more attention for cloud-native application engineering. Corresponding microservice architectures often rely on a complex technology stack which includes containers, elastic platforms and software defined networks. Astonishingly, there are almost no specialized tools to figure out performance impacts (coming along with this microservice architectural style) in the upfront of a microservice design. Therefore, we propose a benchmarking solution intentionally designed for this upfront design phase. Furthermore, we evaluate our benchmark and present some performance data to reflect some often heard cloud-native application performance rules (or myths).

Keywords: cloud-native application, microservice, container, cluster, elastic platform, network, performance, reference, benchmark, REST, SDN, software-defined network

Details [KQ2016b]

Author(s): Kratzke, Nane and Quint, Peter-Christian
Title(s): Investigation of Impacts on Network Performance in the Advance of a Microservice Design
In book: Cloud Computing and Services Science Selected Papers
Editor(s): Helfert, Markus and Ferguson, Donald and Munoz, Victor Mendez and Cardoso, Jorge
Publisher: Springer
Url: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308219976
Year: 2016
Comments: to be published