Cloud computing enables to deliver innovative services very agile and at world-scale. Even very small companies with access on first class cloud engineering knowledge can create exponential business growth. Companies like Instagram or Netflix proofed that impressively. But, operating cloud-native applications is extremely challenging and overburdens the capabilities of most SME IT-departments. Sadly, most of current research solution proposals do not focus on these micro or small companies intentionally. Instead of that, this contribution presents a concept for an elastic cloud runtime platform, which is intentionally designed for such small companies. This elastic platform shall provide a transferable, vendor lock-in avoiding, elastic, manageable and easy-to-adapt cloud runtime environment (not only) for SMEs, small research groups or non-profit organizations.

Keywords: SME, Vendor Lock-In, Container, Elastic Platform, CloudComputing, Migration, Transferability, Cloud-native application, CNA

Details [KQPR2016]

Author(s): Kratzke, Nane and Quint, Peter-Christian and Palme, Derek and Reimers, Dirk
Title(s): Project Cloud TRANSIT - Or to Simplify Cloud-native Application Provisioning for SMEs by Integrating Already Available Container Technologies
In book: European Project Space on Smart Systems, Big Data, Future Internet - Towards Serving the Grand Societal Challenges
Editor(s): Kantere, Verena and Koch, Barbara
Publisher: Scitepress
Url: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304578995
Year: 2016