Cloud computing enables companies getting computational and storage resources on demand. Especially when using features like elasticity and scaling, cloud computing can be a very powerful technology to run, e.g., a webservice without worries about failure by overload or wasting money by paid use of unneeded resources. For using these features, developers can use or implement cloud-native applications (CNA), containerized software running on an elastic platform. Nevertheless, a CNA can be complex at planning, installation and configuration, maintenance and searching for failures. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are mostly limited by their personnel and financial restrictions. So, using these offered services can facilitate a very fast realization of the software project. However, using these (proprietary) services it is often difficult to migrate between cloud vendors. This paper introduces C4S, an open source system for SMEs to deploy and operate their container application with features like elasticity, auto-scaling and load balancing. The system also supports transferability features for migrating containers between different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms. Thus, C4S is a solution for SMEs to use the benefits of cloud computing with IaaS migration features to reduce vendor lock-in.

Keywords: Cloud-Native Application, Elastic Platform, Microservice, SME, Vendor Lock-In, Container Cluster, Cloud Computing, Elasticity, Scalability, Transferability

Details [QK2016b]

Author(s): Quint, Peter-Christian and Kratzke, Nane
Title(s): Taming the Complexity of Elasticity, Scalability and Transferability in Cloud Computing - Cloud-Native Applications for SMEs
Journal: International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services
Volume: 9
Number: 3&4
Pages: 389-400
Publisher: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA
Url: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/309673663
Year: 2016