Elastic container platforms (ECP) like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes (k8s) and Apache Mesos have gotten more and more attention by practitioners in recent years. Elastic container platforms fit very well with existing cloud-native application (CNA) architecture approaches. Corresponding system designs often follow a microservice-based architecture. Nevertheless, the effective and elastic operation of such kind of elastic container platforms is still a question in research. There are even more severe open issues like how to design, define and operate cloud applications on top of such container platforms. This is especially true for multi-cloud contexts. Such open issues in scheduling microservices to the cloud come along with questions regarding interoperability, application topology and composition aspects as well as elastic runtime adaption aspects of that kind of cloud-native applications. The combination of these three aspects (multi-cloud interoperability, application topology definition/composition and elastic runtime adaption) is not solved satisfactorily so far. These three problems are often seen in isolation. In consequence topology based multi-cloud approaches often do not consider elastic runtime adaption of deployments as research type representative). But, elastic runtime adaptive solutions focusing multi-cloud capability do not make use of topology based approaches as well. And finally, (topology-based) cloud-native applications making use of elastic runtime adaption are often inherently bound to specific cloud infrastructure services making it hard to transfer these cloud applications easily to another cloud provider or even operate them across providers at the same time. All in all, it seems like cloud engineers just trust in picking only two out of three options. This paper tries to combine these three aspects: multi-cloud interoperability, application topology definition/composition and elastic runtime adaption.

Details [QK2017]

Author(s): Quint, Peter-Christian and Kratzke, Nane
Title(s): Towards a Description of Elastic Cloud-native Applications for Transferable Multi-Cloud-Deployments
In book: Proceedings of the 1st Int. Forum on Microservices (Microservices 2017, Odense, Denmark
Year: 2017
Comments: Book of extended abstracts