Currently I just started my doctoral work. Accordingly, I will publish here just a little about my current research. The here given data and informations can be out of date and may be changed during the time. However, in the later stages, my work will be publish.
This page serves only as a basis for future actions.


The management of container cluster applications with features like transferability and elasticity is complex. Getting started with using services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) might be very simple. But the use of clusters, containers, cloud benefits like auto-scaling and load balancing can quickly grow into a complex work. Especially with the requirement to avoid vendor lock-in. This can be too hard for a small (in extreme one person size) IT department. Container and container cluster software is mostly open source and free to use. However, there are several products and services to manage these technologies. But the management solutions have a high total cost of ownership and inherently designed for very big companies. Also these systems move the dependencies from the cloud provider to the system/service provider. The idea behind the PhD thesis is creating a system for easy deploy and managing cloud applications in container cluster. The system should be easy to handle (especially in failure situations) in order to reduce the needed manpower. Vendor lock-in should also be avoided. First, the requirements for the planned management system are identified by literature review and interviews with industry partners. Additionally, the target audience of users for the management system has to be determined. After developing a prototype that fits the important technical requirements, this system should be tested by appropriate persons regarding usability. At the end, it will be shown that container cluster cloud computing technologies can also be usable for small companies without large and high specialized IT departments. This work promotes the implementation of easyto-handle cloud applications which features provider migration and elasticity.


Created for the 1st CleanSky ITN Summer School 2015

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